Our Services

Private Individuals

Travelling for pleasure? Flying charters will ensure a hassle-free and smooth journey for you. We deliver a seamless service, which ensures a relaxing flying experience!

Flying charters has a wide range of aircrafts for selection at your disposal. We can meet every customized itinerary requirement of our client, be it a Helicopter for a day excursion, a midsize Jet for a short break to your favorite city or a long range big size Jet to fly friends and family to a more distant location; we provide you with the best aircraft that meets your needs.

Group Travel

Group travel can be an efficient way to fly a large number of people: Sporting Events, Product Launches, Music Tours, Film and TV shootings, as well as Media Production teams. Flying charters manages the end-to-end logistics of group travel to provide a seamless and affordable flying experience, while we take care of your entire group travel schedule.

The group size is immaterial… we can provide you with an ideal bespoke private Jet solution for any group size. The cabin service will be specially tailored to your needs and if necessary, an onboard Flight Coordinator will be provided to ensure a hassle-free journey with strict adherence to the plan.

Business Travel​

Flying charters understands the ground realities of the business world and the corporate jet-setters. It is a fact that, despite advancements in modern communication technology, there is no substitute for a face to face meeting. In the time critical world of business, our charter service specializes in moving corporate executives and board members around the world swiftly and efficiently with latest onboard communication technologies - whether you are holding a meeting, sending e-mails or accessing the company network... while on the go!

Film, Music & Media

At Flying charters, we can arrange flights to fit around Movie premiers, Publicity events, Photo shoots, and Film locations to ensure tight deadlines are always met. We also ensure that your cast, crew and equipment reaches in time by avoiding lengthy check-in procedures and the risks of misplaced equipment.

Remote and difficult locations become accessible when travelling by helicopter or private jets. We also have experienced pilots for Aerial Photography.


At Flying charters, we take nothing more seriously than our esteemed clients safety, security and discretion. No wonder we are frequently chosen and the most preferred charter operator to fly Heads of States, visiting Dignitaries and Politicians all over the country.

HAJJ & UMRAH Pilgrimage

Flying charters provides exclusive charter flight services for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. The annual Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage brings together millions of devotees around the world to Saudi Arabia to perform rituals and offer their prayers in the holy city. We have immense expertise to arrange private and larger group charter flight services for the holy pilgrimage. Private charters are offered in private jets that provide privacy and comfort to flyers, whereas for pilgrims travelling in large groups we offer group charter on large commercial jets at a very economical price.


We transfer patients from one city to any city throughout the country by providing them with best-in-class Air Ambulance service with personal care and attention by a team of expert doctors and ground staff


We work along with hospitals and transplant professionals to transport organs harvested in one city and transport them to the recipient patient in another city to save a life within the golden period (shelf-life of the organ)


We transport deceased cadaver with utmost care and compassion across the country, maintaining the dignity of the deceased and the emotional sensitivity of the family


We have expertise in executing planned “Patient Group” charter service from countries abroad to specific renowned city hospitals within India for critical care and affordable treatment


We provide doctor charter services wherein the patient is unable to travel for treatment or for those who request super speciality doctors to be brought in to hospitals for skilled critical surgeries

Helicopter Joyride

Aerial Sight Seeing, Flower Petal Drop, Ceremony Photo-Shoot, celebration at lounge, celebration- birthday, engagement, proposal etc.

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